What makes a good Mayor?

Qualities of a Great Leader!

All leaders are readers, but not all readers are leaders. We have heard this cute saying ever since we were kids, but have we really taken this to heart? A hundred years ago leaders in the political field personified all that a leader should be – they read voraciously, they led from the front.

We require somebody who will go to bat for this group and battle to make us awesome. We require a daring, enthusiastic and savvy pioneer.


So what makes an extraordinary leader?

• An extraordinary leader is dependable, fair, moral and caring

• An extraordinary leader sees how crucial monetary improvement is to our locale and grasps new thoughts while comprehension.

• An extraordinary leader has the capacity arrange and work with others to come to make and execute strategies that will empower our group to flourish

• An awesome leader can execute thoughts and approach that will advantage the whole locale.

• An awesome leader has a dream for this group that energizes coordinated effort

• An awesome chairman has the capacity settle on extreme choices that aren’t generally prevalent with everybody •

An extraordinary leader is an incredible communicator

• An awesome chairman encompasses himself/herself with savvy and gifted individuals that mirror his/her vision for this group

America’s History of Leadership


Being leader isn’t a simple employment and from multiple points of view it’s an unpleasant occupation. Numerous individuals say the 1990s were a defining moment for leaders in America’s history, however I trust this coming decade is a great opportunity to turn that corner and take its place in history as an incredible city. Be that as it may, to wind up an incredible city we require an awesome leader. So I suggest this conversation starter to every one of the applicants who are tossing their cap into the ring for this race – WHY? Why are you the individual who can make this city incredible? Why are you the one we ought to trust to assist us with tipping in the right bearing?

Here’s their rundown:

1) Honest – A spotless past, solid morals, straightforward.

2) A pioneer – Charismatic, an activating power, ready to settle on disliked choices.

3) A man of activity – Results driven, down to business, embraces a change procedure, rapidly actualizes need activities.

4) Effective administrator – Efficient, sensible, knows how to encompass him-or herself with the right individuals.

5) Focused on financial advancement – Can verbalize a reasonable vision, persuading, gets included in organizing leader ventures for the city.

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Those are the qualities I believe are essential to lead any field. John Maxwell, known popularly as America’s authority on leadership has written many leadership books any individual must read to learn more about leadership.